• About us

    Markovstudio Ltd It is established in 1999 as a family firm by the sculptor Marin Markov. Over the years, Markovstudio has gained a reputation for it’s high quality production for some of the leading artists today like Paul McCarthy, Richard Jackson, Jason Rhoades as well as Sam Durant, Konstantin Bojanov, Stefan Nikolaev, Nedko Solakov and many more …

    Our priorities are, the attention to detail in the form and texture, combined with our knowledge of classic and contemporary materials, allowing for cast sensitive work and quality finishing.

    Over the years, the knowledge and the experience of the founder were enriched with the unique talents, initiative and lead of the members of our team and family. We have invested in technological improvements, built a new facility and introduced innovation in traditional casting. This led to the opportunity to create hundreds of sculptures by dozens of authors who were exhibited in many cities around the world and seen by thousands of people. And that, we hope, have made the world in which we live a little more beautiful and the people who inhabit it - a little better. 

    Markovstudio can help you with the following processes: conceptual design, modeling, silicone mold, plaster mold, polyester-resin cast, bronze, aluminum and brass cast, welding, mechanization, patina, polishing, painting, powder coating, sand blast, laser cutting, engraving, 3D modeling, enlarging, constructions of stainless steel, iron, aluminum ... etc.

    We offer packaging (fumigated plywood creates) and all the services and documents for export, as well as on site installation, restoration and maintenance of sculptures and sculptural parks.

    We work with the following materials: